I’m Kathrine Lee

Founder, Pure Hope Foundation; Author, Life Coach, Business Strategist, and Social Justice Advocate

Guiding you to discover and embrace your true identity so you can live the abundant life you were designed to live.

Life Coaching

The Ultimate Source™ is a faith-based personal development system that teaches the practical application of essential life skills while creating a deeper personal connection to God & His Word. The purpose of The Ultimate Source™ is to equip you to live the life God designed you to live.

Business Strategy

As an expert in communication & personal performance, Kathrine has equipped thousands of executives & business owners with the tools to create the results they desire while honoring the priorities of their personal lives. She is also an expert in accelerating at-home business models.


Abundant Life Curators Membership Community

What does it mean to curate a life of abundance?

What impact would it have on your life if you could face fear, manage stress, beat procrastination, regain conversational confidence, activate positive perspective & practice joyful moments by living in a rhythm of abundance?

Could it lead to an abundant life?

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Helping You Achieve Success

Encouraging and Equipping You to Unlock Your Full Potential.

Do you feel like you can’t communicate in a meaningful way? Do you feel like you’re having trouble resolving conflicts? Are you feeling like you’re stagnant, not growing? If so, I invite you to register for my online video course, The Ultimate Source™.

The Ultimate Source™ will equip you to overcome these six common Challenge Areas™:

  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Procrastination
  • Negative Self-Talk
  • Toxic People
  • Toxic Distractions

The Ultimate Source™ will help you:

Focus on 12 Life Areas – 1 per month for 12 months

Navigate through the process of change

Discover and live out your goals, dreams, passion & purpose

Become an effective listener & communicator

Take simple daily action steps that will move you forward

Identify & move past old wounds & challenges that sabotage growth

Learn How to Focus on the 12 Life Areas™

Spirituality & Faith

Connecting to God to transform your life

Nutrition & Water

Nourishing your body; Designing your own personal wellness story

Service & Giving Back

Impacting others by paying it forward; Taking care of yourself so you can care for others

Goals & Organization

Planning and living a priority-driven life


Connecting & effectively communicating with self & others

Gratitude & Attitude

Developing a grateful attitude; Retraining the brain & overcoming negative thought patterns

Passion & Purpose

Discovering & living out your God-given design

Curiosity & Learning

Engaging child-like wonder; Pursuing knowledge & wisdom to enrich your life


Moving your body & life forward everyday; Building momentum in your personal & professional life

Balance & Fulfillment

Living through your senses; Taking in all life has to offer


Getting out of your comfort zone; Trying new

Rest & Relaxation

Being still & content; Having fun; Sleeping peacefully

Find Your Voice

Your voice is needed.

Discover Your Design

Your life is an adventure worth living.

Write Your Story

Your story is worth writing.

Leave Your Legacy

Your contribution to the world matters.

About Me

In addition to being a life coach, business strategist and social justice advocate, Kathrine is the creator of the faith-based personal development system, The Ultimate Source, and Founder of the non-profit, Pure Hope Foundation. She is the author of Interrupted, The Joy & Mystery of a God-Directed Life and has guided countless individuals to discover the unique design for their own lives. You may recognize Kathrine from one of her appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Kathrine says her most important & fulfilling role in life is being the wife to her fantastic husband, Michael and mother to three fabulous children, Corryn, Logan & Hannah.

Social Justice Advocate

Kathrine Lee’s work as a Social Justice Advocate is carried out through Pure Hope Foundation, which was founded by her and her husband, Michael.

Pure Hope Foundation

The Mission: F.R.E.E the captivies by

Fighting Human Trafficking

By engaging in the battle on multiple fronts to profoundly impact the issue.

Restoring Survivors

By creating second-stage homes and “trauma-informed” programming for survivors coming out of partnered safe house programs.

Empowering Advocates

By hosting retreats to provide rest, revival, and equipping for those who serve this population.

Ending Demand

By hosting men’s events to build strong men and strengthen families.

By hosting community events to raise awareness and to prevent exploitation.


“Kathrine Lee is a dynamic communicator, dear woman of God, and beautiful friend. She has an amazing ability to lead and cheer people on to become who God designed them to be. By communicating life changing principles wrapped in God’s truth through the Ultimate Source, Kathrine Lee is changing the world one life at a time.”

Lysa TerKeurst

President, Proverbs 31 Ministries, Author "Made to Crave" & "Unglued"

“Kathrine Lee is a huge inspiration to my leadership in her coaching and materials that make up the Source and now the Ultimate Source. Every time I have contact with her I get inspired all over again! I highly recommend Kathrine as a must go-to resource for all leaders and those who aspire to leadership.”

Dr. Hans Finzel

President and CEO, World Venture and Author of the best seller, "The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make."

“I first met Kathrine when I worked at DIRECTV’s corporate office. As part of the women’s leadership group, I was able to invite Kathrine to come speak to our group to motivate and inspire us. Kathrine’s presentation was so well-received that our chief information officer invited her back to speak to his executive staff.
She is a gift to all.”

Dianne Lily

Supervisor of VIP Accounts (retired), DIRECTV

“Kathrine Lee has a distinctive ability to communicate complex concepts in ways that are easy to understand and actionable. Her Ultimate Source curriculum aligns well with best practices in academic and professional industry journals. The content is excellent and I have seen it lead to results in myself, students, and executive coaching clients. She is also one of the most courageous people I know. She allowed her life to be interrupted to create Pure Hope Foundation, an organization that does profound work in strengthening families and restoring victims of sex trafficking. I am grateful for the influence Kathrine has in my life and also in thousands of others.”
Dr. Kathy Crockett

Business & Leadership Professor – CEO, Crockett+Co

“There are people you meet who make an immediate impact, either by the power of their story or the power of their storytelling. Once in awhile you meet someone who encapsulates both and that is what you will experience with Kathrine Lee. I was fortunate to meet her a few years ago and have been even more fortunate to experience her willingness to pour into others. Her wise counsel and coaching have benefitted me both personally and professionally, in helping me to shape my own story and that of others.”
Wendy Davidson

President, Away From Home, Kellogg North America

“The Source (now The Ultimate Source) has made me more aware of the power I have to create and choose my environment. There are still 24 hours in a day but the Source has made me feel I have filled those hours consciously with what I enjoy. The Source has simply helped me take any negative feelings or thoughts and instantly turn them into a positive feeling, simply by reviewing the 12 source life areas.”
P. Tresselt

“As a result of participating in this program, I now know my mission, have a clear vision of the future, lead a more balanced, focused life, have deeper relationships and most importantly, I am having fun and enjoying the journey of becoming all that I was created to be.”
C. Watson, RN, ND

“I never gave myself credit for anything. I was always focusing on what I didn’t get done, what I didn’t think I knew or what I didn’t do well enough. Because of going through the Source program, I no longer do that. Thank you – it’s been a wonderful experience!”
M. Crystal

“I have learned through The Ultimate Source HOW I can renew my mind. I always heard Romans 12:2 but never knew how the brain works or to apply that truth in my life. I finally understand and my life has changed because of that. Thank you!”
Joel R.

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12 Life Areas Wheel

Discover Your Designer, Follow His Voice and be transformed to Live for His Glory!

Get to know the nature and character of God through His Word and discover the unique plan and purpose He has for your life.

Discover your life’s passion by aligning your position and posture with His and through practical application of the 12 Life Areas.

Fulfill your role within your family and the world by living the purposeful and abundant life He’s equipped you to live.

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