Effective Communication Masterclass – Applied Faith, The Secret Ingredient

My ex-mother-in-law (who I still love) is an amazing cook. We all enjoyed her dishes and were excited to learn to make them ourselves since we lived so far away. She would give us each ingredient and the steps to prepare it, but it was never quite the same. No matter how we tried, none of us could replicate her recipes. We all finally assumed it was all the love she put into it that made the difference.

Then one day, my husband secretly watched her cook one of his favorite meals. Suddenly, she went to a small hidden cabinet and reached for a secret ingredient. One that was never passed along in the recipes she gave us. After we got a big laugh, I realized how important praise was to her. It meant the world for her to hear “no one can ever make her food quite like she does.” It was worth keeping her secret in order to keep those accolades coming.

But it challenged me. I asked myself, ”Do I have a secret ingredient that I am keeping to myself because I want or need praise?” Please hear me, there is nothing wrong with enjoying when someone says something nice about you. We are made for things like that. But I never want to keep to myself something that could multiply another’s success.

I don’t want to take credit for the blessings in my life if I have a “secret ingredient.” And I don’t want to keep it to myself. I’m not the one that deserves all the accolades & praise. In the following videos, I’ll share my secret ingredient, and how it applies to each session. That secret ingredient is my faith.

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