How Not To Care What Other People Think, Once And For All

by Nov 16, 2021Members, Words of Wisdom1 comment

Have you ever been offended by someone? In this quick five minute training, Kathrine gives you three different options of healthy responses.

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  1. Shannon Erickson

    My counselor has been trying to help me understand Healthy boundaries for years. I have always had this wrong out look that to set a boundary is unkind, controlling and down right just NOT cool 🤦‍♀️. Defiantly not a healthy way to think. But thanks to your courses, lessons, and talks I understand Boundaries as a healthy action. It truly is a way to continue to actively love someone.

    I love the way you describe a bridge, I love everyone and the thought of “cutting off” a person breaks my heart. Though putting a bridge up is healthy and might be enough to not need to remove said person all together. I know I have toxic people in my life still and I am not ready to say good by but maybe it is time to place a bridge and some space between us.

    I still care WAY too much what others think. Though I feel confidante that with more practice and commitment to putting all these amazing lessons to practice I will care less and less 😊

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