Lessons From Female Elephants

by Jul 20, 2021Members, Ah-Ha Moments23 comments

Have you ever wondered how powerful it would be when we truly unite the voices of women? Nature has given us a beautiful example of what we can do when we protect and celebrate our sisters. Join Kathrine as she shares this powerful lesson from female elephants.

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  1. Cindy Carver

    Wow! Beautiful story, beautiful scarf! Thank you so much for sharing this today.

  2. Denise Foreman

    Kathrine, thank you so much for sharing the photos and story of female elephants! I thought immediately of the mamas in our MomStrong Bible study group. This is what we do! As needs & requests are shared in our text group, we ‘circle up’ with prayers, words of encouragement and whatever else is needed. We celebrate answers and victories too!
    Are we allowed to share this video? I’d love to share it with my mamas!

    • Kathrine Lee

      I love that!
      Let me check with Julie and Kevin to find out how to make it public and we will put it on the Kathrine Lee & The Ultimate Source FB page for you to share. 🙂

      • Denise Foreman

        Thank you, Kathrine! Did the video get put on the FB page? I haven’t found it.

  3. Santure sindys@att.net

    Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing the treasures of life that happen possibly somewhere daily and help us to impact others, daily, with these treasures!! What a beautiful scarf to help us remember!!

  4. Lindsey Fuchs

    “Uniting the voices of women.” Yes, yes & yes. Love this!! We find our voice that inspires others to find their voice; we share our heart, which helps open the hearts of others, we speak our dreams, which helps inspire others to dream and speak theirs as well! Stand and lift each other up. …Unite our voices. Love those female elephants. …Beautiful, powerful, supportive, synergistic strength. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Ali Elizabeth Turner

    What gorgeous B&W picture and life lesson from Africa could be better for an Alabamian woman than an elephant? (For non-football fans, the U of Alabama mascot is the elephant, and the battle cry is “Roll Tide!”)

    On a far more sobering note, I think that we as women of God are currently being asked to curate abundant life in a veritable societal mine field.
    By that I mean, it takes true virtue (as in the Proverbs 31 woman) to be strong, protective, proactive strategic badas**s for other women (as well as all people) without becoming tainted by feminism.

    In my opinion based on yucky “B.efore C.hrist” experience, feminism is a highly seductive counterfeit to the elephant lesson. I am glad we have each other to watch our backs and keep us from straying into enemy territory. Thank you, Kathrine Nadine for this balanced, tender-yet-tough approach. It is more timely than I can say!

    • Ali Elizabeth Turner

      Yikes, I am a writer and publisher by trade, and I misspelled the most important word of all!! It should be bada**es! : P

  6. Hunter Cardinal

    “Whether under attack or creating new life, we are FOR each other.”
    Love it. And love the scarf. The colors and the message…

  7. Deborah Hougland

    We need each other so much! We need to speak into each other life!

    The darkness has to flee when we join together as women lifting up one another, not tearing down.

    This picture is worth 1000 words.. this picture indelibly will be in my mind and on my heart.

    ?☺️?☺️Makes me so Happy!

    Thank you Kathrine

  8. Erna Boehs

    Beautiful story! Love that nature can show us how it is done! Thanks again for the lesson to celebrate each other as women, we can do so much together!

  9. Shawn Roady

    Oh my goodness! I will NEVER look at an elephant the same way again! Thank you Kathrine for bringing us all together and making a safe place for us all to grow!

  10. Dawn Finnegan

    Oh my goodness. I love this story and what it represents. I’m actually in tears at the moment because until becoming associated with JP and the ranch and now ALC I have never felt like I had this type of ‘unity’ before. What a beautiful “picture” of the way we should defend, protect, cover, and unite with each other!!

  11. Dawn Finnegan

    One more thing, do you have the elephant picture available that we could print and frame?

    • Kathrine Lee

      Great idea. I’ll have Julie post it on the FB page or have Kevin post it on the link soon. 🙂

  12. Kathy Van Patten

    What an amazing story and example of community and love. I am deeply grateful to be a part of Abundant Life Curators and for your wonderful guidance Kathrine!

  13. Tracey Saab

    Uniting the Voices of Women! WE are HERE for EACH OTHER! LOVE THIS! I, too, am going to have this picture printed for my home! Thank you!

  14. Debbie Cryer

    What a POWERFUL visual your picture is as you tell the story. You can actually see the protection, feel the importance each one brings to the group. I love this and the “know matter what”, I’m here for you, as the story implies. I celebrate that the beast of the field are doing “what they are created to do”. I can almost hear the trumpets… Thank you, Kathrine, as you are helping us to see, protect, love, and celebrate each other. Loved this!

  15. patrdldn@gmail.com Pat

    I am in goosebumps as I listen to this lesson of the wilds. And I love how you ended this powerful inspiration. “WE are FOR each other” what beautiful words! and I am so thankful to be a part of this!

  16. Theresa O'Neill

    Love this so much! I never knew this about elephants and find it really fascinating!! There is lots to understand and learn from this behavior of female elephants! And the photo is amazing!

    It also makes me think of the wonderful image of the women in our ALC group as we are growing, encouraging and supporting each other. I am so grateful for these women in my life:) Thank you for always sharing these powerful messages that allow us to look at our own life and the relationships we have!

  17. Jude Calomino

    It is amazing what we can learn from animals, this was great lesson on trusting each others to have our back, that is not something that has never been easy for me. So my a-ha is that I do not need to give my self away until i find out how others values match mine

  18. Lynette Locatelli

    I loved this entry and the story. Thank you so much for sharing!!

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